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Introduce the systems

Where there is a service, there is a queue.

No matter in a bank, hospital, clinic, restaurant, shop, pharmacy or service center, etc, you can see people queuing and waitting there.

But have you noticed their facial expressions ? That is a  face of impatience, irritableness, boredom.

For most people, Queuing is annoying and time-consuming.Soemtimes this kind of situation even can lead to the failure of  businesses.

Tonsincs Queue management is the best choice for you  to get rid of  this dilemma.

The QMS working process goes like this:

Ticket Printing → Waiting Calling your number Customer Service.
1 The customer comes into the hall, then presses buttons or touches the screen on ticket dispenser.
2 The customer gets a ticket from the printer of the ticket dispenser.
3 The ticket can show the customer's queuing number and his service item, then both display(main display and counter display can show next number) and sound box (can broadcast the next number to be served) tells the customer to be served.
4 The customer goes to the relevant counter for his service.
5. When the operator presses the manipulator, Sound Box can broadcast next queuing customer meanwhile show the next queuing number on the main display. So circularly do 1-4 steps.

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